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Kappa delta pi

Please explore all of our content and make yourself familiar with the website format. We will be doing our best to keep our website up-to-date so that you will always be able to keep track of our chapter's events, information, and progress.

Lambda Iota Chapter: Meeting Reminder and Information

Hello KDP, Lambda Iota members! We want to communicate some important topics about our meetings and other imperative chapter information.

Meeting Schedules

Please check website calendar and your email regularlyThe website calendar provides events and meetings for both schedules, one for main campus members, and one for our extension chapter that will meet in room 1113 on the East Campus of CVCC in Hickory, NC.!

Extension Chapter: If an absence to any meeting is unavoidable then your absence emails should be sent to the President at hoganas@email.appstate.edu 24 hours in advance of each meeting or event. Please make sure you only correspond through an official appstate email.

Important Attendance reminder:

KDP Yearly Meeting Schedule- Main Campus

Our calendar is provided on this site, and is a list of proposed days, times, and purposes for KDP meetings. Consideration has been taken into account for scheduling conflicts such as holidays, testing days, and the like. The meetings are in room 124 b/c in the Reich College of Education building. The days of the week will alternate for regular meetings. Special events, such as service or professional development, will change according to need.

All meetings are considered mandatory as far as group participation and attendance is concerned.

However, if an absence to a meeting is unavoidable then the Vice President should be notified only though official Appalachian State student email no later than 24 hours in advance at pattondf@appstate.edu.

Our organization prides itself on supporting and maintain interactive and productive relationships with our members. This is why attendance to special events is a requirement of members. If for some reason, you failed to abide by the above policy and did not attend the initiation ceremony, or other meetings, and failed to contact appropriate parties ahead of time, then you have already obtained your absence for this semester. (Per our chapter constitution and attendance policy.)